Themed Monopoly board games are becoming increasingly common.

In search of a board game to play with loved ones- There is no better game to play than Monopoly.

Well, we all know how much hate Monopoly gets, but this special edition will make you want to play it again and again.

there is no doubt Monopoly is the best board game to play occasionally with friends and family.

It is one of the most popular board games and we have seen many themed Monopoly games. So far, the best is Monopoly Deadpool Edition. This time, the developers have offered the best combination of family-ruining and friendship-ending game with the twisted humor of Deadpool. It is a pretty sick idea that can only be perfect for Deadpool.

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Getting on the bandwagon of the brilliant yet crazy marketing, Deadpool gets its own board game. Well, of course, he is not creating the game himself. He has taken over Monopoly just like Wade Wilson (Deadpool) took over the painting show. This is not like any other classic board game, you will get a glimpse into the twisted mind of Deadpool.

Hasbro is offering an excellent opportunity to play Deadpool monopoly board game with your loved ones; after the game, there will be no loved ones. A remarkable thing about this board game is its foil packaging. You can display it with your other collection of Deadpool. The game includes a game guide that you can use to settle unavoidable disputes. The game pieces are carefully packed in 3 themed boxes: bandages, chimichanga, and of course, unicorn.

For keeping the interest of players piqued, there are 26 contact cards, 16 pouches cards, and 16 dumb luck cards. The game includes 6 tokens, 2 dice, money pack, 12 D-Mansions, and 32 Headquarters.

For keeping the interest of players piqued, there are 26 contact cards, 16 pouches cards, and 16 dumb luck cards. The game includes 6 tokens, 2 dice, money pack, 12 D-Mansions, and 32 Headquarters.

Here is everything you need to know about the Deadpool Monopoly board game.

The Board

The comic book styled board has stylized art, Deadpool being in the middle of the board. It wouldn’t make any sense if Deadpool was not featured in the center; after all, it is a special edition of Deadpool.

Playing the Game

Just like all the Monopoly games, you have to work your way around the board. You have to hire Mercenaries and can buy Sweet Rides instead of properties. To keep things fun, you can even buy Deadpool from alternate universe and chimichanga truck.

Of course, there is no Deadpool without a chimichanga truck and of course unicorns.

In this Deadpool Monopoly board game, you can showcase your Monopoly skills by buying, selling, and swapping Sweet Rides and Mercenaries while passing but the Low Blow spaces and Cheap Shot. The Cheap Shot and Low Blow spaces enable you to steal Sweet Rides and Mercenaries from opponents. Perfect for adding fuel to fire.

Basically, you have to create a team of Mercs by purchasing contracts of the best mercenaries. Just keep in mind, you don’t have to lose all your money.

Moreover, you can increase your income and rent of the Mercs by creating D-Mansions and Headquarters. There are Deadpool’s allies, some are from an alternate universe, and a Deadpool in a maid outfit.

Just like the ordinary Monopoly game, you can collect $200 when you cross GO. The winner will be the player who has the left with the cash while everyone else is bankrupt.

This board game is developed for an audience of 16+, meaning, it is only for adults. The total number of players is 6, that’s pretty obvious because there are 6 tokens.

Sweet Rides

In the standard Monopoly, there are railway stations. In this edition, there are Sweet Rides, such as moped and unicorn.

Chance and Community Cards

We all loved landing on the Chance and Community blocks. In the Deadpool Monopoly board game, it is replaced by Pouches and Dumb Luck cards. What’s interesting about these cards is the wordings. For instance, instead of writing normal “Get out of jail free” on a card, it is written, “You had way too much fun in jail and they kicked you out.”


To give this game an interesting twist, you can steal properties, money, and Sweet Rides. How cool is this! Though they are properties, they are known as mercenaries in this edition. You can trade the properties, but where is fun in that. Stealing the card you like, no matter if there are houses on it, now, that’s taking fun to a whole new level. It will definitely break out a real fight.


This is just like any other monopoly themed game. There is nothing unusual about the tokens. If that’s what you think, then you are wrong. The thimble, hat, iron, and other tokens are long gone. In this edition, the tokens include:

  • Bomb
  • Unicorn (obliviously)
  • Taco
  • Chef’s hat
  • OK hand
  • Deadpool’s sign

Wait, What? Taco and unicorns, who doesn’t love this combination.

A Final Word

Therefore, the Deadpool Monopoly board game is perfect for fans of everyone’s favorite mouthy mercenary. Get this Monopoly and indulge in the interesting and fascinating game of buying and selling Mercs. A wonderful thing about this board game is that it will help in getting rid of your frustration and anger with the help of a unique sense of humor of Deadpool. This board game will not cost you an arm and a leg, as it is available for less then 15$.

This Monopoly of chaos and madness is an ideal way to fill the hole in your soul. This is perfect to play with people you don’t know, or you don’t want to talk to again. So, hurry up; buy this Monopoly Game Marvel Deadpool Edition and have entertaining game nights.

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