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Any fan of the movie Ghostbusters will definitely have to check this Monopoly game out. Featuring scenes, characters, tokens and artwork inspired by the original Ghostbusters, players will get to travel around the fictional world, battle it out with villains and save the city! 


Who you gonna call? When something strange pops up in the neighborhood, it’s up to you to check it out! Venture through New York City to win Ghostbusting contracts and team up with your fellow players to battle the ultimate ghost bosses, including Slimer, Stay Puft, Library Ghost, Vinz Clortho and more! 

The Ghostbusters Monopoly game fully immerses you into the world of Ghostbusters, featuring Roaming Vapor cards and ECTO-1 and Supernatural Entity spaces on the game board.

Ghost Traps and Containment Units replace Houses and Hotels in this version of Monopoly for a genuine Ghostbusters experience.

What’s Included

A standard set of Ghostbusters Monopoly includes the following:

Ghostbusters Monopoly board image
  • 1 gameboard 
  • 6 collectible custom tokens
  • 1 Ghost Trap card holder
  • 22 Contract cards
  • 32 Roaming Vapor cards
  • 32 Ghost Traps
  • 12 Containment Units
  • 2 dice
  • 1 pack of petty cash
  • Game guide

The game requires 2x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries. Demo batteries are included in the box.


If you enjoy the movie Ghostbusters, you will definitely appreciate the attention to detail put into this game. No inch of the game has been left untouched, with every aspect of traditional Monopoly having been transformed into something from the movie, affording players a full experience of the Ghostbusters world.

Trade Ghostbusting contracts instead of properties in Ghostbusters Monopoly. Once a player has collected a full color set, they can then add Ghost Traps, which can eventually be upgraded to Containment Units.

Ghostbusters Monopoly has a unique feature similar to boss fights. When a player lands on a Supernatural Entity space, they can team up with other players to battle one of a number of ghosts.


Price: Ghostbusters Monopoly costs relatively around 30$, which can be on the expensive side for a game of adult Monopoly. However, this price is definitely justified with the license of official Ghostbusters merchandise.

The game is also fairly niche since it pays so much attention to detail in the Ghostbusters world. As such, players who are unfamiliar with the Ghostbusters movie and its characters may be slightly lost in this game, especially since some of the gameplay mechanics involve Ghostbusters-related actions such as setting Ghost Traps and winning contracts.

Overall Review

We think that Ghostbusters Monopoly is a great add to any Ghostbusters fan’s collection. Alternatively, it can be an awesome gift to someone who is a fan of the movie, who will definitely appreciate the many references to Ghostbusters in this board game. For one, the six collectible custom player tokens will be a pleasant surprise for a die-hard Ghostbusters fan!

Become the real Ghostbusters in this thrilling board game, where you can gather your friends to help save the world from paranormal activity. It is now up to you and your team to subdue the vapors, entities and slimers all around New York, where the original Ghostbusters movie takes place. What’s not to love?

Suitable for players age 8 and above, Ghostbusters Monopoly can be the perfect family game for a lazy evening. Lounge around in the comfort of your home and save the world!


Who can play Ghostbusters Monopoly?

This game is suitable for 2-6 players ages 8 and up.

How is Ghostbusters Monopoly different from classic Monopoly?

Ghostbusters Monopoly is almost similar to classic Monopoly in gameplay, except that the locations and cards are titled differently. Some key differences between the two games are the Contracts feature which players can buy, as well as the option to team up with other players to destroy a boss. The Ghostbusters Monopoly game also requires batteries, while classic Monopoly does not. 

How is the winner decided?

Ghostbusters Monopoly follows the goals of classic Monopoly, which includes having the most money at the end of the game or being the last player standing when everyone else has gone bankrupt. 

Does Ghostbusters Monopoly have a few versions?

Ghostbusters Monopoly is a custom edition of Monopoly. It is available from a few manufacturers, such as Hasbro and USAopoly. However, the basic gameplay and contents of the game box remains the same. The prices of both versions are also similar. 
It should be noted that in the USAopoly version, the manufacturer made an error in printing some of the cards. If one encounters a card that tells the player to “advance to nearest Proton Pack”, the player should instead advance to the nearest Transportation spot (Police car, Fire Truck, Taxi Cab or Subway car).

What are the basic rules of Ghostbusters Monopoly?

Ghostbusters Monopoly works the same way as classic Monopoly in that players move their pieces around the game board in turns.

When it is your turn

move your player token the number of squares according to the number on the dice.

Location that is not currently owned

If you land on a location that is not currently owned by anyone, you are free to purchase it and begin collecting rent for any other players that subsequently land on the space.

Collect a full set of colored locations

Collect a full set of colored locations to begin setting up Ghost Traps on your land! 

Contract and Roaming Vapor cards

The Contract and Roaming Vapor cards act the same as Community Chest and Chance cards, except that you can accept the contracts you pick up, which will then lead you to fight it out with a random ghost. 

How to win?

The rules of winning remain the same as classic Monopoly – aim to bankrupt your opponents and be the last player left with cash!

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