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The Monopoly Cash Grab Game offers a mad dash for cash in a frenzy to win the game. Fire off each game with the unique Money Blaster that launches money bills into the air!


In a unique take on the original Monopoly game, the Monopoly Cash Grab Game features a Monopoly game without a board. Money bills are loaded into the Money Blaster, also known as the Bank, and the players can “blast” the money out into the air! 

Once the game begins, all players will scramble to grab as much as cash as they can. To win the game, you have to collect the most cash. However, this Monopoly game is more than just a senseless cash grab – you can also blast Chance cards into the air and grab them to scheme for more cash! 

What’s Included

A standard set of the Monopoly Cash Grab Game includes the following: 

Monopoly Grab Game Image
  • Money blaster
  • Blaster spinner
  • 100 Monopoly Money bills
  • 25 Chance cards
  • Game guide

3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries are required to play the game. These are not included in the box. 


The Monopoly Cash Grab Game is highly portable since it is made up only of the Money Blaster, Blaster Spinner, money bills and chance cards. Without a board, player tokens, houses, hotels, die or any other pieces, it is easy to bring this game around and set it up anywhere. In fact, you do not even need to play it seated around a table. It can be easily brought to the couch where everyone is gathered for a fun family night.

This game is also easy to understand because its objective is simple. All that players have to do is to grab the most money bills, making this the perfect game for your restless little ones. If sitting down at the table and playing a traditional board game does not appeal to the children, try this version of Monopoly instead, which is sure to get their attention with all the action! 

Additionally, the Monopoly Cash Grab Game requires only a minimum of three players – one of the fewest among all editions of Monopoly. You can easily get down to play with two other friends without having to wait for everyone to be available on game night. 


At $20 relatively, this game may be a little expensive since it is lightweight and does not have a conventional game board. We believe the bulk of the cost is for the branding and Money Blaster equipment, but the price is still set rather high considering there are not many of the classic game aspects to the Cash Grab. 

The Monopoly Cash Grab Game also strays from the gameplay of the original Monopoly. In this game, there are no properties to buy and collect. Since there is no board, players do not pass “Go”, land on Chance or Community Chest squares, go to jail, collect rent, build houses and hotels, and any other mechanic associated with classic Monopoly. In essence, the Cash Grab game is quite different to traditional Monopoly, which may make this game a deal breaker for those who are looking to sit down with a turn-based board game. 

Overall Review

On the whole, we think that the Monopoly Cash Grab Game is great for those who would like a fun, action-packed game of cash grabbing. Although it is a Monopoly game, there is not much in common between the Cash Grab and classic Monopoly. As such, if you are looking for a quiet strategy-based board game, you may want to try another Monopoly game

However, if you are looking for a quick game to play with a few friends, the Monopoly Cash Grab may be a good option. It allows you to test your reflexes against your fellow players all in a moment of good fun. 

In our opinion, the Monopoly Cash Grab Game is an interesting take on the world of Monopoly, just rather unconventional and not suitable for all types of playing. It does make a great game to add to your collection though, considering its unique Money Blaster and Blaster Spinner. 


Who can play the Monopoly Cash Grab Game? 

The Monopoly Cash Grab Game is suitable for 3 or more players, ages 8 and up. 

Does the Monopoly Cash Grab Game include a board and player tokens?

No, the Monopoly Cash Grab Game is a board-less game. As such, there are no player tokens to use as pieces. Players grab cash freely, rather than move around the board. 

What is the objective of the game?

To win the game, players aim to grab the greatest amount of money bills, which are blasted into the air with the Money Blaster. You can also collect Chance cards flung into the air to increase your chances of winning. 

How is the game played?

The Money Blaster is filled with money bills. One player acts as the blaster, who will operate the Money Blaster. Shaped like a gun, the player just needs to pull the trigger while aiming the Money Blaster into the air, and the money bills will start falling from the sky! Everyone then dashes to grab as many money bills and Chance cards as they can. 

Can other types of money bills fit into the Money Blaster?

The play money bills and Chance cards that come with the set are the same dimensions as typical United States currency. As such, it is possible to use the Money Blaster with real American dollars. However, Monopoly dollars from other editions of Monopoly will not fit in the Money Blaster. 

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