Fans of the classic board game Clue and the excitement of escape rooms will find their perfect match in Clue Board Game Treachery at Tudor Mansion. This unique twist on a beloved mystery game puts your investigative skills to the ultimate test in a thrilling race to escape a mansion and solve a murder before time runs out.

clue board game treachery at tudor mansion

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In a few words

Clue Board Game Treachery at Tudor Mansion is a cooperative escape room-style game that combines the familiar characters and setting of Clue with puzzle-solving and exploration mechanics for a dynamic mystery-solving experience.


Imagine being trapped inside Tudor Mansion after Mr. Boddy is found murdered! That’s the setup of Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion. Work with up to five other players in this two-part challenge. First, you must cooperate to solve puzzles, unlock hidden rooms, and find a way to escape the mansion. Once you’re free, the real detective work begins. Use the clues you’ve carefully collected to identify the killer, the weapon they used, and the room where the terrible crime took place.

What’s Included

Here are things that are included:

  • Gameboard tiles: These tiles form the layout of Tudor Mansion. You’ll gradually reveal and place these tiles as you explore, expanding the playable area.
  • 6 Character pawns: Represent the classic Clue suspects: choose from Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and Mrs. White.
  • 6 Character sheets: Help keep track of the rooms each character has investigated and any items they’ve discovered.
  • Rumor deck: This deck provides clues, puzzles, and hints that will guide your escape from the mansion and help you solve the mystery.
  • Intrigue deck: As you play, this deck introduces unexpected twists, challenges, and obstacles to keep the gameplay exciting.
  • Secret case files: These contain the vital solution to the murder. Only open them when you’re ready to make your final accusations!
  • Envelopes: These hold additional surprises and game elements, revealed as you progress in your investigation
  • Instructions: A detailed rulebook provides clear guidance and explains the game’s mechanics.


  • Offers a fresh, engaging spin on classic Clue: Players love how it brings something new to the table while retaining the core elements of the beloved mystery game.
  • Cooperative gameplay fosters teamwork: Working together to solve the mystery and escape promotes collaboration, making it a great choice for family and friends.
  • Immersive escape room-style experience: The puzzle-solving and room-revealing mechanics create a thrilling and engaging atmosphere.
  • Easy to learn for all ages: Players find the gameplay straightforward, making it accessible for younger audiences and groups who enjoy lighter complexity.
  • Potential for memorable game nights: The combination of mystery-solving and cooperative play creates a fun and suspenseful experience many groups enjoy.


  • Ideal for one playthrough: While you get a complete and satisfying experience, the mystery is only solvable once. Consider gifting the game to another group or waiting a while before replaying to let the solution fade from memory.
  • Can be initially challenging: The layered gameplay may take a little practice to fully grasp, but the included tutorial and clear instructions aid with this initial learning curve.
  • May offer less replayability for some: Those who prefer board games with multiple scenarios for repeated plays might find this less appealing, though the single experience is rich and entertaining.

Overall Review

Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion provides a thrilling and engaging murder mystery experience perfect for game nights with friends and family. While designed for single playthrough, its immersive storyline and cooperative puzzle-solving offer a memorable adventure for those who love a challenge. If you have a group who enjoys escape rooms and a classic whodunit, this game is a must-try.

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