Who would have guessed that an ingenious game based around the big idea of owning and growing property could have become so ubiquitous? Monopoly has developed into so much more than just a household board game.

We have dedicated an entire website to news and reviews on all things Monopoly in order to give you the most fascinating and up-to-date information about one of the world’s most beloved board games.

Today, themed versions of Monopoly exist as far as the eye can see from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to Marvel Superheros and Star Wars. In fact, there are hundreds of versions of the game out there and even a version that has a blank board where you can make your own theme!

When a game is developed in over forty-seven languages and sold in over one-hundred fourteen countries, it’s safe to say the world’s love for this game runs deep.

Little known fact #1:

Do you know the names of the iconic Monopoly characters? The tycoon mascot is currently named Mr. Monopoly but used to be called Rich Uncle Pennybags. The poor schlub locked up behind bars is named Jake the Jailbird, and the lawman of the Monopoly world is named Officer Edward Malloy.

Latest Reviews

There Is A Version For Everyone

You will almost certainly find a version that will resonate with you. The fun compounds when you’re rolling the dice on a Stranger Things board where chance cards are replaced withblinkinglights and walkie talkie cards take the place of the community chest.

Another amusing example is the Deadpool themed board. On this irreverent board, in place of the classic thimble, hat, and iron, you’ll find tokens that reflect the Deadpool franchise including the OK sign, a taco, and a bomb.

Any Fornite fans? Of course there are! The Fortnite themed board has a number of unique attributes including an “action” die, which triggers a number of actions such as building walls and damaging opponents.

Little known fact #2:

Did you know the very first version of Monopoly was developed by Elizabeth Magie and existed as early as 1902? This early version was called “The Landlords Game.”

WAY More Than Just A Board Game!

Monopoly Game Illustration 3

Not every board game in the world has its very own tournaments. Nor do many have video games developed from them. It seems so natural to dedicate a site to all things Monopoly for both the die-hard board-flipping fans and the casual weekend player.

On this site, you’ll find reviews and blog posts that cover a whole host of topics and versions of the game. Our main challenge will be to keep up with all the new versions released every year!

Little known fact #3:

When the Beatles came to the US for their first tour they played…you guessed it…Monopoly in their hotel room!

How Long Have You Lasted?

Some games are short and sweet while others literally last weeks. Amazingly, Monopoly doesn’t have a time limit in either direction.

One of the shortest and fastest games of Monopoly lasted an incredible twenty-one seconds! Check it out:

On the other hand, the longest game of Monopoly on record lasted seventy straight days! (Hopefully, they had some breaks.)

Maybe you’re the sort who can play for under a minute or the dedicated type who can endure playing for over a month straight. Either way, we have the news and reviews to keep you informed.  

Little known fact #4:

We all know the property with the highest rent in the US is “Boardwalk,” which was named after a street in Atlantic City. However, the name of this place on the board varies by region around the world. In Spain, it is named “Paseo del Prado” after a street in Madrid, and in France, “Rue de la Paix” is the name of this high-end property.

Here are at Monopoly board game (MBG) website, it’s a plain and simple fact: We. Love. Monopoly. If you do too, you’re in the right place!

Monopoly is a worldwide sensation

The games are based on the real-life experiences and places in the Atlantic City and New Jersey. But even so, monopoly games are a global phenomenon. The monopoly board games have been sold in more than 100 countries has 47 language translations.

The cost of the game

Monopoly board games vary in prices. The original Monopoly game was at $2, but currently, it around few dozens of dollars. However, there is a considerable possibility of spending more a whole lot more on monopoly board games. The most expensive monopoly board game was created by a San Francisco jeweler, Sidney Mobell. It goes at $2 million.

You can go to jail

Jail, Illinois Ave and Go are the three most landed on spaces in a traditional game. But it’s said that going to jail is not a bad thing. Ask the champions, and they will tell you that going to jail is good.

It might seem like going to jail is the worst thing during monopoly board games. However, being in prison could be a strategy to win. According to the 2015 monopoly board game winner, Natalie Fitzsimons, it’s best to sit in jail at the end of the game so you can collect money from your opponents rather than just landing on their properties and owing them lots of money.

Monopoly helped POWs escape during WWII

It’s reported that during the WWII, British secret service used monopoly boxes to smuggle escape supplies to POWs in Germany. In the boxes were real money and metal files which necessitated their escape to Germany.

Video game version

Monopoly version of video games is now the most commercially successful board game in the U.S. It’s available in a video format, and you can play it with another person to see who can be the most successful capitalist.

The game has rules and conventions, but you can set your own house rules by making adjustments to starting cash amount, tax and mortgage rates. There are varieties of choices of monopoly boards to play on such as classic and World editions.

The video game version might not offer you a lot of extra bells and whistles or unique production values. It has average graphics and a small reservoir of catchphrase which quickly becomes tiresome when playing. But playing it on the big screen than at the dining room table can do the trick.