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It’s always good to establish ground rules when playing a board game like Monopoly. unless, you are playing Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game.

In this take of the popular property trading game, players are not just allowed, but encouraged, to bend the rules and bluff their opponents to win.


Bend the rules, borrow money, and make funny business!. In fact, you can draw cards that will tell you which cheats to attempt. From faking a die roll to stealing from the bank, and even skipping your rent! Those who cheat will earn great rewards, but those who fail the cheats will suffer miserably.

Get away with as many cheats as you can, or you may find yourself chained to the Jail space with plastic handcuffs!

How to play monopoly Game Cheaters Edition Video

What’s Included

A standard set of the Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game includes the following:

  • game board
  • plastic handcuff unit
  • 6 tokens
  • 15 Cheat cards
  • 16 Title Deed cards
  • 16 Chance cards
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 16 hotels
  • 2 dice
  • money pack
  • bank tray
  • game guide


For those who love classic Monopoly and want to take it to the next step, Monopoly Cheaters Edition offers an exciting fast-paced game that often finishes much quicker than classic Monopoly. The game ends when all the properties have been purchased and all player tokens have made it to Go. Cheating means that you do not have to wait for all properties to be purchased. the conventional way, as some players may try to nab them straight from the bank!

The game can also be played like a normal classic Monopoly game. if you and your opponents do not wish to engage in the cheating. Short of missing houses, everything else is just the same as classic Monopoly and can be played as such. At less than $20, this game is a great deal when it’s on offer even if you just want to play it like normal Monopoly.


Although the concept of cheating during Monopoly makes for an interesting game, there is also the issue of trust and betrayal. If you are on thin ice with an opponent or know that they may take comments personally, it may be best not to play the cheating too high so as to end on a good note. Depending on the group dynamic, the cheating element may not be appropriate at all. Especially if there are players who are opposed to the system or find it too complicated.

Also, it can be very difficult to multitask as all players must concentrate on watching one another carefully. This means that people who are less engaged in the game may be left out, and things like television or snacks will probably be out of the way. The game does finish much faster than classic Monopoly though. So if you play just one or two rounds, there should be plenty of time left for other activities.

Overall Review

On the whole, we think Monopoly Cheaters Edition will make for a great game night. If you and your opponents are able to take a few hits. Understandably, the game can get very heated and end in arguments or fights. If you and your friends are the type that loves to joke at each other’s expense, then we are sure that Monopoly Cheaters Edition will fit right into your repertoire.

Additionally, there is nothing to lose by getting this game since it can be played just fine without the cheating element. If you decide that the cheating is not suitable for your group, simply put the cheat cards aside and ignore all prompts to do so.


Who can play Monopoly Cheaters Edition? 

The Monopoly Cheaters Edition is suitable for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. However, individual maturity levels may vary. some younger players may be unable to execute cheats stealthily when faced off against older opponents, and others may not understand the cheating system at all.
Fortunately, Monopoly Cheaters Edition contains all the necessary pieces for it to be played like a normal Monopoly game, without the cheating! 

What is the goal of Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

Just like classic Monopoly, the player with the most assets at the end of the game wins. However, as the name suggests, the goal of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is to cheat your opponents – and get away with it! Although you can choose to play by the rules, you have to keep a watchful eye on your opponents to check if they are attempting to cheat you into bankruptcy. 

What are the main differences between Monopoly Cheaters Edition and classic Monopoly?

Of course, the most glaring difference is that you are allowed and even encouraged to cheat in Monopoly Cheaters Edition. while in classic Monopoly, players are expected to play by the rules. In fact, one of the major objectives of this game is to get away with as many cheats as you can, with your opponents none the wiser. Pick Cheat cards for directions on which cheats you should attempt.
Also, there are no houses in this game, only hotels. We’re not sure exactly why, but the cheating game is already complicated as it is. Even if you plan to play this like normal Monopoly, the lack of houses should not be such a big problem. 

Are there any new game pieces included in Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

Yes, the one new item is a plastic handcuff unit. If players get caught cheating by their opponents, they could get physically chained to the jail space with the handcuffs! Watch out, though, as one of the cheats is to break free of the handcuffs when you are jailed! 

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