Looking for a new twist on the classic Monopoly game? Monopoly Crooked Cash introduces a fun element of deception and intrigue to the beloved property-trading game. Get ready to spot counterfeit bills, double-check Chance cards, and embrace the chaotic fun of sneaky tactics!

Monopoly Crooked Cash Game

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In a few words

Monopoly Crooked Cash is a thrilling variation of Monopoly where players must use a decoder to identify fake money and Chance cards while still trying to become the wealthiest tycoon.


This version of Monopoly maintains the core gameplay: buying, selling, and trading properties while navigating the board. However, the addition of fake cash and Chance cards injects a whole new layer of excitement. Players can try to sneakily pass off counterfeit money or gain an unfair advantage with bogus Chance cards. To keep everything fair, Mr. Monopoly provides his trusty decoder – exposing hidden patterns to reveal the fakes. And for extra drama, players can use accusation coins to call out opponents on their sneaky dealings.

What’s Included

The Monopoly Crooked Cash game comes packed with everything you need to dive into a world of sneaky property trading and hilarious accusations:

  • Gameboard: The familiar Monopoly layout with a dash of intrigue, designed to accommodate the fast-paced changes in gameplay.
  • 6 Tokens: Choose your favorite deceptive-themed token. Will it be the rubber ducky, T-Rex, or perhaps the classic race car?
  • Mr. Monopoly’s Decoder: This crucial tool is your weapon against the fakes! Use it to reveal hidden patterns on cash and Chance cards, ensuring fair play.
  • Chance and Community Chest Cards: Classic Monopoly cards, but with a twist – some are counterfeits! Stay vigilant, as a fake card could make or break your fortune.
  • Deed Cards: Claim your properties and build your real estate empire!
  • Money Pack: A stack of cash for land purchases and payments, but be warned, counterfeit money is mixed in!
  • Accusation Coins: Use these limited edition coins wisely to expose fellow players trying to sneak fake cash past you.
  • Hotels: Build your property empire with these symbols of real estate success.
  • Dice: The iconic dice roll that fuels your movement and fate across the board.
  • Game Guide: Detailed instructions to help you navigate the chaotic world of Monopoly Crooked Cash.


  • Exciting Twist on Classic Gameplay: Many players find the addition of fake money and Chance cards adds an exciting layer of deception and keeps the game feeling fresh and fast-paced.
  • Fun for Families and Kids: The sneaky element appeals to kids and families, offering lighthearted competition, silly accusations, and satisfying “aha!” moments when the decoder works.
  • Skill-Building Potential: Some reviewers suggest that identifying fakes helps younger players develop critical thinking and money management skills while having fun.
  • Potentially Shorter Game Length: Changes to railroad buying and overall cash flow can shorten traditional Monopoly’s often marathon playtime, potentially making it more engaging for some players.


  • Increased Complexity: The addition of fake money, decoder mechanics, and accusation coins might feel overwhelming for those who enjoy the simplicity of classic Monopoly.
  • Shift in Strategy: The core focus of Monopoly shifts away from pure property-trading strategy towards deception detection, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Potential for Disagreements: The game, by its nature, encourages a bit of friendly deception which can sometimes escalate into arguments about the legitimacy of cash and cards, especially among competitive players.

Overall Review

Monopoly Crooked Cash is a great option for families and groups of friends who love the Monopoly experience with an added dose of playful deception. If you enjoy the occasional bluffing, quick-paced gameplay, and don’t mind the potential for a little friendly squabbling, this game is a solid choice. While it may not fully replace classic Monopoly for the purists, it’s a fantastic alternative for those seeking a lighthearted and exciting twist on the iconic board game.

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