Fans of the classic Sorry board game, get ready for a new, dice-driven challenge! Sorry Diced game offers a fast-paced, compact version of the beloved game, where strategy mingles with a healthy dose of luck. Diced delivers competitive fun with dice-rolling action in a compact, travel-friendly format.

sorry diced game

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In a few words

Sorry Diced Game is a unique take on the classic board game where players roll dice to move pawns, steal positions, and achieve sweet revenge on their opponents.


Sorry Diced puts a unique spin on the classic board game by replacing the traditional board with individual player bases. This change creates a more dynamic playing field where players can strategically slide their bases to different Home colors, opening up new tactical possibilities. The core gameplay revolves around rolling three dice, which determine actions like moving your pawns forward, stealing opponent spots, or even changing your base’s Home color.

What’s Included

The Sorry Grab and Go game includes the following things in it:

  • Game case: This compact case houses all the components securely, making it easy to store and transport the game.
  • Start base: The Start base provides a central point where players begin their pawn journey.
  • 4 Home bases: Each player receives their Home base, marked with a distinct color. The goal is to fill your Home base with all four of your matching colored pawns.
  • 16 pawns: You get four pawns in each of the four classic Sorry! colors (red, yellow, green, and blue).
  • 3 dice: These specially designed dice determine your actions, adding an element of chance and excitement to each turn.
  • Dice labels: Stickers with instructions are included so you can easily customize your dice and remember what each roll means.
  • Game rules: A clear and concise rulebook makes it easy to learn the game and quickly get started.


  • Exciting Twist on a Classic: Offers a fresh, dice-driven spin on the iconic Sorry! gameplay.
  • Simple and Fast-Paced: The rules are easy to grasp, and games are quick, making it a great choice for casual family fun.
  • Travel-Friendly Format: The compact design is perfect for taking on the go.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Enjoyable for kids (ages 6+) and adults alike.


  • No Traditional Board: Those seeking the classic Sorry! board game experience may be disappointing.
  • Luck Factor: Since your actions depend on dice rolls, luck plays a significant role in determining the winner.

Overall Review

If you’re looking for a quick, portable, and dice-powered version of Sorry!, this Diced edition ticks all the right boxes. While it might lack the familiar board setting, it introduces new elements of strategy and unpredictable excitement. Prepare for plenty of laughter, friendly competition, and a healthy dash of luck-infused chaos!

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