Love the Eternals and classic Monopoly gameplay? Then Monopoly Eternals is the board game for you! Travel through time and protect the human race while battling fellow Eternals in a race to control the most properties for ultimate cosmic victory.

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Monopoly Eternals is a thrilling Marvel-themed twist on the classic property-trading game, allowing fans to play as their favorite Eternal and strategize their way to cosmic superiority.


Monopoly Eternals puts a Marvel spin on the classic game. Players travel through iconic Eternals locations from the film, purchasing them as properties. Choose from ten hero tokens (like Ikaris or Sersi), each with a unique superpower activated by the cosmic die. Instead of money, collect cosmic energy units. Build Villages and Palaces to boost your rent, and watch out for surprise cards like “Uni-Mind” and “Arishem’s Judgement” that shake up the game!

What’s Included

Your Monopoly Eternals game set comes packed with everything you need to step into this cosmic property battle:

  • Eternals-themed gameboard: The gameboard transports you to the visually stunning world of the Eternals, featuring locations and vehicles that fans will instantly recognize.
  • 10 Monopoly tokens: Choose your favorite Eternal! The finely detailed tokens include Ikaris, Sersi, Ajak, Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Gilgamesh, Thena, Kingo, and Sprite.
  • Title Deed cards: Officially claim ownership of locations from the Eternals film with these specially designed Title Deed cards.
  • Uni-Mind cards and Arishem’s Judgement cards: These cards add thrilling twists and turns to the gameplay, keeping you on your toes and adding surprise elements inspired by the film.
  • Character Cards: Each Eternal token comes with its own character card, outlining their unique superpower ability.
  • Villages and Palaces: Enhance your properties by strategically constructing these miniature dwellings and lavish structures.
  • 3 Dice: Two standard white dice and a special golden “cosmic” die are included. The cosmic die is used to activate the Eternals’ superpowers.
  • Cosmic Energy Units: These replace the traditional Monopoly money, adding a thematic touch to your financial transactions.
  • Game Guide: A comprehensive guide provides clear instructions, making it easy to learn and play even for those new to Monopoly.


  • Immersive Marvel Experience: This isn’t just a reskinned Monopoly; Monopoly Eternals delivers a gameplay experience deeply rooted in the lore of the film. From purchasing iconic locations like Olympia or the Amazon rainforest to the detailed hero tokens, fans will feel transported into the Eternals’ world while playing. This deep thematic connection heightens the excitement for enthusiasts.
  • Exciting Theme: The Eternals’ cosmic origins, ancient history, and unique powers breathe new life into the Monopoly concept. The familiar property-trading format feels fresh and dynamic within this specific Marvel context, making it particularly appealing to fans of the film and comic series.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Each Eternal’s unique ability, triggered by the cosmic die, adds a thrilling layer of strategy. Players must consider not only buying the best properties but also how to time their special powers for maximum impact. This introduces new, engaging decision-making processes beyond the classic Monopoly experience.
  • Fun for Fans of All Levels: While die-hard Marvel enthusiasts will appreciate the deep integration of the theme, the gameplay itself is fundamentally similar to classic Monopoly. This makes it accessible to both existing Monopoly fans and those drawn in by the Eternals’ theme, allowing for enjoyable game nights with a mixed group of players.
  • High-Quality Components: The detailed hero tokens, colorful board, and specially designed cards all contribute to a visually appealing and tactilely satisfying game.
  • Collectible Appeal: For Marvel fans, Monopoly Eternals doubles as a fun game and a piece of memorabilia showcasing their favorite characters and locations from the film.


  • Might be complex for those unfamiliar with classic Monopoly.
  • Ideal for Eternals fans but may not appeal to broader audiences.

Overall Review

Monopoly Eternals is a fantastic choice for Marvel fans who enjoy the classic Monopoly experience. It brings the world of the Eternals to life with themed locations, detailed tokens, and unique character abilities that add a strategic twist. If you’re unfamiliar with Monopoly, the rules might take some getting used to, and the game’s appeal hinges on your enjoyment of the Eternals. However, for fans, it’s a fun and immersive way to engage with their favorite characters in a classic game format.

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