Roblox fans get ready to dominate the virtual real estate market with roblox monopoly game 2022 Edition! This unique board game puts a delightful spin on the classic Monopoly formula, transforming it into a celebration of all things Roblox. If you love both Monopoly and Roblox, this is a must-have.

roblox monopoly game

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In a few words

Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition is a faimiliar property-trading board game where players buy, sell, and trade popular Roblox experiences instead of traditional properties.


Trade in streets and railroads for iconic Roblox games! Snag fan-favorite experiences like MeepCity, Fashion Famous, and Legends of Speed while navigating the Roblox-themed board. Instead of houses and hotels, boost your income with Dev Home Offices and Dev Studio Offices. Chance and Community Chest cards take on a hilarious Roblox spin, delivering unexpected twists and challenges. And, pick your favorite Roblox icons and accessories as your game tokens!

What’s Included

  • Roblox-themed gameboard: This isn’t just a Monopoly board with new names. The entire board has been transformed into a celebration of Roblox! Expect to see iconic locations replaced with your favorite games, and even the corner spaces reflect the Roblox aesthetic.
  • 6 Roblox character tokens: Choose your avatar! The game includes six tokens representing classic Roblox icons and accessories. Options include a Bloxy Award, Noob, Domino Crown, Mr. Robot, Builderman’s Construction Hat, and a Dominus.
  • 28 Property cards: These are the heart of your Roblox property empire. Each card represents a popular Roblox experience like Adopt Me!, Jailbreak, or Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • 16 Chance cards & 16 Community Chest cards: These cards add a dose of the unexpected with Roblox-themed twists. You might earn a daily login bonus, sell exclusive limited items, enhance your avatar, or even face setbacks from those pesky noobs!
  • 32 Dev Home Offices & 12 Dev Studio Offices: Forget houses and hotels! In Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition, you’ll build Dev Home Offices and Dev Studio Offices on your owned experiences to increase your income. These represent the creative hubs where Roblox magic happens.
  • 2 Dice: Classic dice to determine your moves around the Roblox-themed board.
  • Money pack: Roblox-themed play money to manage all your transactions.
  • Game guide: A handy guide with instructions and all the details you need to get started on your Roblox real estate adventure.


  • Kid-Approved and Engaging: Perfect for introducing younger players to classic Monopoly with a twist they already love! The Roblox theme instantly sparks excitement and keeps them invested in the game. This is especially great for kids who might otherwise find traditional Monopoly less appealing.
  • Fun for Roblox Fans of All Ages: Even adults and older players who enjoy Roblox will get a kick out of references to their favorite games, the charming character tokens, and the overall vibrant Roblox-inspired design. It’s a great way to bridge generational gaps through board games.
  • Educational Potential: While staying true to classic Monopoly rules, this edition can teach kids about basic economics, property ownership, negotiation, and friendly competition in a way that feels relevant and exciting.
  • Encourages Offline Play: In a world of screens, Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition creates a fun reason to unplug and gather for some real-world Roblox-inspired fun.
  • Collectible Appeal: The detailed tokens, Roblox-themed money, and overall unique design make this a special game for any Roblox collector, even if they aren’t super into Monopoly itself.


  • Nostalgic Factor: If you prefer the traditional locations and themes of classic Monopoly, this edition might not be your top choice.
  • Replayability: The experience might become slightly repetitive for seasoned Monopoly players after a few games.

Overall Review

Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition is a fantastic choice for families, groups of friends, and anyone who loves both Roblox and Monopoly. It offers a lighthearted, easy-to-learn experience that captures the essence of the online platform in a delightful physical format. While hardcore Monopoly strategists might prefer the complexity of the classic, this edition delivers pure, Roblox-inspired fun.

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