Fans of the popular video game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout and classic board games alike will love the Sorry Sliders board game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. This Hasbro adaptation translates the zany battle royale fun of the video game into a tabletop format, with elements of skill and a healthy dose of the classic Sorry! “take-that” gameplay.

Sorry Slider Board Game

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In a few words

This exciting mash-up of Sorry! and Fall Guys puts players in control of adorable Fall Guys pawns as they race, slide, and bump each other to score points and win the crown.


In this game, players control rolling Fall Guys pawns, strategically sliding them along tracks toward scoring zones on customizable boards. Bump opponents out of the way, race to be the first to reach scoring targets, and try to claim the crown for the most points. The game features four game modes based on iconic Fall Guys levels like Dizzy Heights and Slime Climb.

What’s Included

Sorry Sliders board game comes packed with everything you need to dive into the world of board game. Here are things that are included:

  • 2 Double-Sided Gameboards: These colorful boards represent iconic Fall Guys obstacle courses. Each features different scoring zones and challenges. The double-sided design allows for even more variety in gameplay.
  • 4 Slider Tracks: Each player gets a plastic track to guide and aim their Fall Guys pawns during their turns.
  • 4 Score Trackers: Cardboard trackers let players easily visualize their progress and point accumulation.
  • 8 Side Rails & 4 Blocker Rails: These smaller pieces can be attached to the main gameboards, allowing for the creation of the 4 different game modes, influencing the path of the sliding pawns.
  • 16 Scoring Pawns (4 sets of 4): These smaller pawns, in different colors for each player, are placed on the gameboards to mark scoring zones.
  • 16 Fall Guys Pawns (4 sets of 4): These adorable, roly-poly pawns represent your Fall Guys characters on the board. They feature a unique rolling base to facilitate the sliding action of the game.
  • 4 Cardboard Crown Tokens: These tokens are awarded to the winner of each round, adding a fun element of competition.
  • Instructions: A detailed rulebook explaining the game’s setup, scoring system, and the different ways to play based on the included game modes.


  • Kid-Approved: Multiple reviews mention that kids across different ages enjoy the game and find it engaging.
  • Competitive Fun: The game seems to spark a healthy sense of competition, with elements like crown tokens and different scoring opportunities.
  • Multiple Game Modes: The ability to customize the board layout and choose between four game modes adds replay value and variety.
  • Nostalgic Yet Fresh: Players seem to like the twist on the classic Sorry! gameplay.
  • Family Game Night Potential: Several reviews highlight the game’s ability to bring families together.


  • Confusing Instructions: This is the most common issue mentioned in the reviews. Instructions seem to be vague or incomplete, especially for setting up the game and understanding different modes.
  • Potential for Frustration: Related to the instructions, some reviewers found the game confusing and not intuitive, which could lead to frustration, especially for younger players.
  • Might Not Appeal to Everyone: Some adults found the game a bit too simplistic, hinting that it might lose its appeal as children get older.

Overall Review

If you’re a fan of Fall Guys and looking for a fun family game night choice, Sorry Sliders Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Board Game is a solid option. It captures the silly, competitive energy of the video game with a twist on the classic Sorry! formula. While it might cause some arguments along the way, it’s ultimately a lighthearted, enjoyable board game.

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