Hasbro’s new Stranger Things Monopoly game will quite literally turn your world “Upside Down.”

This collector-worthy edition of the classic Monopoly game builds off the popular Netflix series to offer a game fans simply can’t turn down. Play with your friends as you track down missing kid Will Bryers and run from terrifying monsters!

This collector-worthy edition of the classic Monopoly game builds off the popular Netflix series to offer a game fans simply can’t turn down. Play with your friends as you track down missing kid Will Bryers and run from terrifying monsters!

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This unconventional spin on Hasbro’s beloved game serves to satiate fans who are waiting for the much-anticipated third season of the smash-hit series. Until the season’s Independence Day 2019 release, fans will have to satisfy themselves with Hasbro’s interesting foray into the world of Stranger Things.

But how does this game stack up? Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this game to see if it’s right for you!

The Premise

It’s November 1983, and Will Bryers has gone missing. Sound familiar?

Hasbro’s game is based off the first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things and follows the same general premise.

Only this time, you get to call the shots. It’s you running through the small town of Hawkins, searching for missing Will Bryers and fleeing the deadly monsters from the Upside Down.

But this wouldn’t be a Stranger Things game without a twist. Imagine this: instead of going to jail, those who go into debt go into the sinister world of the “Upside Down,” where they can get trapped and ultimately lose the game.

What’s Included

Fans will fall in love with the beautifully-reimagined Monopoly board. Built off the Stranger Things universe fans have come to know and love, the board features many of the series’ most prominent locations.

Locations from all across the town of Hawkins, Indiana dot the board, replacing traditional landmarks such as Park Avenue and Boardwalk. Experience the town yourself with this imaginative board that draws deeply from the Stranger Things world.

In order to create the perfect themed edition, Hasbro has replaced many of their traditional game pieces and parts with Stranger Things-related items.

Namely, the updated game looks like this:

  • 16 Walkie Talkie Cards—Who could forget the walkie talkies made famous by the Stranger Things kids? In this version, walkie talkie cards serve as admirable replacements for the classic community chest cards.
  • 16 Blinking Lights Cards—Say goodbye to chance cards. In this spooky reimagining, they are updated to “blinking lights” cards, a play on one of the show’s major elements.
  • 32 Forts and 12 Hideouts—This wouldn’t be a true Stranger Things edition if there were no forts and hideouts. Luckily, Hasbro’s new game does away with traditional houses and hotels to make room for these Stranger Things­-themed locations. Buy, collect, and sell these to win the game!
  • 8 Themed Tokens—The eight player tokens have been updated to reflect popular items from the show. Included in this are a bicycle, a shoe, a television, and a camera.


Fans will love the attention to detail Hasbro has given this game’s incredible themed items! Indeed, many are amazed at just how much time the company spent in making this collector’s piece. With specific locations such as Steve’s pool and Hopper’s house, no setting seems to be spared in this recreation of the show’s popular world.

The design of the game is also a major plus. Not only is the board a worthwhile addition to any fan’s collection (featuring the whole gang across the front and a spooky color theme), but the cards have been redesigned to truly fit the show’s atmosphere.

Blinking light cards are indicated by eerie-looking Christmas lights draped over dark gold wallpaper. The walkie talkie cards are similar in design, only replacing the lights with an old-style walkie talkie. These two pieces elevate the game’s design.

Another nice surprise is the artwork on the game’s inner casing. Once a customer opens the box, they are greeted with a lid that holds the game pieces in place (just like with any traditional Monopoly game). In this game, however, the lid is decorated with splendid character artwork.


For all its positives, the game does have its share of negatives. To begin with, the game is rated ages fourteen and up. For anyone who’s seen the show, this is understandable.

The kids of Hawkins, Indiana aren’t playing with action figures, after all. Instead, they are fighting real monsters and dealing with real-world, adolescent themes. For this reason, the Stranger Things Monopoly game isn’t the best choice for young children.

Furthermore, fans of variety may not be thrilled with the eight game tokens. While the tokens themselves are durable and draw from the Stranger Things universe, there are only four unique designs—simply cast in different colors. This takes a bit of the shine off the game’s collection-worthy status, even if it doesn’t affect the playability of the game.

Overall Review

So how does this game stack up overall?

For fans of Monopoly and Stranger Things, we think Hasbro hit this one out of the park. With a premise and set up that draws players into the show’s world, this game is one of Monopoly’s stronger themed options.

We see this as a great blend of two quality brands, meaning that it should be fun for both Monopoly fans and for Stranger Things fans alike.

This means that Stranger Things Monopoly has great playability—even for those who’ve never watched the show. This greatly increases the game’s worth and helps justify its price tag (Which is relatively around 30$).

What’s more, this game has everything necessary to become a quality addition to any collection. With detailed character art, finely-made pieces, and specific locations and playing cards, Hasbro’s Stranger Things Monopoly does what it must to be a valuable collector’s piece.

Get this: because the game is cheaply priced, those who are so inclined can even buy two for the price of some of Hasbro’s other themed Monopoly editions. This gives consumers the ability to play and to collect at the same time.

Overall, Hasbro’s Stranger Things Monopoly game is great for fans of the hit Netflix show and of Hasbro’s classic board game. Through a masterful blend of the two famous brands, the game is sure to become a popular household item.

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