Are you ready to step into Barbie’s iconic pink shoes and conquer a world of possibilities? Barbie Monopoly offers a fresh and inspiring twist on the classic board game, perfect for Barbie fans and game enthusiasts alike. Get ready to buy, sell, and build your dream empire in this exciting edition.

Barbie Monopoly

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In a few words

Barbie Monopoly lets you live out your dreams, build a vibrant Barbie world, and embrace the ‘Be Anything’ spirit – all in the classic Monopoly style!


In this version of Monopoly, you’ll get to choose from six exciting Barbie careers and use your unique skills to gain advantages. Properties have been replaced with famous Barbie locations and instead of houses and hotels, you’ll be building DreamHouses! The fun Dream Career and Dream Closet cards add unexpected twists and turns inspired by Barbie’s life. Dream Career and Dream Closet cards will keep you on your toes with fun, Barbie-themed surprises.

What’s Included

The game includes a gameboard, cards, dice, tokens, and game pieces. The cards include player cards, property cards, and challenge cards.

  • Barbie-themed gameboard
  • 6 Pink zinc tokens inspired by Barbie (including a shoe, sports car, Barbie herself, and more!)
  • Title Deed Cards featuring beloved Barbie locations
  • Be Anything Cards (for career selection)
  • Dream Closet Cards
  • Dream Career Cards
  • Pink DreamHouses
  • Two dice (one standard, one special Barbie die)
  • Barbie Monopoly money pack
  • Detailed game guide

The fun Dream Career and Dream Closet cards add unexpected twists and turns inspired by Barbie’s life.


  • Fun, stylish update on classic Monopoly
  • Encourages imagination and the ‘Be Anything’ mindset with a Barbie twist
  • Visually appealing design with fun, Barbie-themed elements
  • Excellent choice for families, Barbie fans, and casual board game players


  • Gameplay may be oversimplified for seasoned Monopoly enthusiasts
  • Limited replayability for those seeking strategic depth

Overall Review

Barbie Monopoly is a delightful board game that successfully marries the iconic Barbie brand with classic Monopoly gameplay. Whether you’re a dedicated Barbie fan, a family looking for a fun game night, or just someone who enjoys a lighthearted gaming experience, Barbie Monopoly offers a charming and inspirational experience. Get ready to dream big, build your ideal Barbie world, and remember – you can be anything!

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