The best of digital and board gaming unite in this game-changing Fortnite Edition of Monopoly. Tradition meets modernity in this beautifully crafted game board that brings Fortnite to life. Fortnite revolutionized the gaming world upon its release in 2017. Now, this great Monopoly edition brings you another way to fight the valor—all while earning health points and avoiding the Storm. Great for Fortnite and Monopoly fans alike, this unique board game has something for everyone.

Fortnite Monopoly

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Now’s your time to buy the all-new Fortnite edition of Monopoly! For a decent price of less than twenty Dollars, you can enjoy this fusion of two of the world’s most popular games.


Themed Monopoly board games are becoming increasingly common.

This leads some to wonder just how many different ways they can play the same game.

If you’re in this boat, we have good news for you:

This game-changing Fortnite edition reimagines the classic Monopoly board game for a whole new experience.

But that’s not to say that it does away with classic favorites.

In fact, Monopoly Fortnite Edition perfectly retains just enough classic elements to keep it familiar while changing enough to make it fresh.   

With uniquely designed pieces and a sleek new gameboard, this Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board game is sure to catch the eye.

Truly, this Fortnite edition is Monopoly with a twist.

Gone is the classic goal of earning real estate. Instead, say hello to purchasing locations and protecting them from other players.

The goal of the game?

Be the last player standing.

Locations come directly from the popular Fortnite video game, making it perfect for Fortnite fans everywhere.

Use dice to battle players and try to avoid dying. Be extra careful, however, as you’ll lose valuable HP every time you unleash the Storm and pass go.  

What’s Included

Monopoly Fortnite Edition pays homage to its source material.

Locations, characters, and the gameboard all draw from the multifaceted world of Fortnite.

And it does a nice job of recreating its intense atmosphere.

Players stay challenged to win health tokens to stay alive—all while constantly risking battles as they travel around the gameboard.

To help add authenticity to the game, the Monopoly Fortnite Edition includes:

  • 110 Health Point Chips
  • 27 outfits
  • 16 location cards
  • 16 loot chest cards
  • 8 wall cards
  • 1 action die (with labels)
  • 1 numbered die

Fight your way to become the last man standing.

With the action die, you’re subject to a variety of different actions—including building walls, damaging opponents, and picking up health cards. These vital cards can help keep you alive.

In order to stay alive, you’ll need these cards to outlast your opponents.

This means the strategy is of the utmost importance. Sharpen your wit and keep your enemies engaged to become the last player standing.

Choose the outfit of your choice and dive right into the world of Fortnite—all in classic Monopoly style.

Want to know more about this engaging new Monopoly edition?

Join us below as we walk through some of the biggest pros and cons behind the Monopoly Fortnite Edition.


Fortnite fans are sure to love the eye-catching design of the gameboard. A brilliant blue, the board includes several of the hottest locations from the Fortnite Universe.

Along with its cards and character outfits, this board game works both as something to play—and as a collector’s item.

The high number of character outfits means that everyone gets an opportunity to play as their favorite.

Perhaps the strongest feature behind the game is its ability to adapt the Fortnite world to a board-game format.

The engaging battle format proves an incredible departure from the game’s traditional format. All players can enjoy a fresh new experience. This provides new challenges that will keep even the most experienced of Monopoly players engaged.

And because it perfectly incorporates the Fortnite universe, even the most hardcore of video game players will enjoy this classic board game format.

This perfect blend really takes the Monopoly Fortnite Edition Boardgame to the next level—and is sure to make it a favorite of both series for years to come.


There’s not much to complain about with this incredible board game.

In a way, however, its biggest strength may also be one of its largest weaknesses.

While we believe the game perfectly blends both the digital aspect of Fortnite with the board game format of Monopoly, it’s a fine line to draw.

Because the game targets such a stark middle ground, it’s possible that some fans of both series won’t be able to appreciate the gameplay.

Hardcore Monopoly fans, for instance, may enjoy the game more as a collector’s item than as a true game to play.

Fortnite fans, however, may find it hard to adapt to the game’s non-digital format. Even though the world is uniquely captured and brought to life, the game may serve a smaller niche audience.

In a way, it seems the game proves best for a niche market of Fortnite fans.

But of course, this in no way diminishes the several pros this new classic features.

Overall Review

So what’s the bottom line?

Is the Monopoly Fortnite Edition Boardgame worth the investment?

We give it a resounding yes.

From the one-of-a-kind gameboard to the large selection of character outfits, this great game brings Fortnite to life.

True fans of both series will enjoy the clever way in which Hasbro has combined both worlds.

And with a truly unique new form of gameplay, both Fortnite and Monopoly fans can enjoy an all-new experience.

Those who wish to keep the board game as a collector’s item, however, may do so. With an intricate design, this Fortnite edition of Monopoly makes it a perfect collector’s item for both factions of fans.

Best of all, this exciting board game price makes it affordable for fans of all ages. If you’re looking to experience Monopoly—or Fortnite—in an all-new way, this game is for you.

Overall, this game provides a new twist on two classic favorites.

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