Celebrate nearly 50 years of heavy metal thunder with the Iron Maiden Monopoly game. Get ready to rock the board game world with Iron Maiden Monopoly, a devilishly fun twist on the classic real estate game tailored for metalheads worldwide. This isn’t your grandma’s Monopoly; instead of Park Place and Boardwalk, you’re battling for iconic tour locations like the Legacy of the Beast Tour and Somewhere Back in Time Tour.

iron maiden monopoly game

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A must-have for diehard Maiden fans, offering a unique and engaging experience, but with some caveats that might leave casual players wanting more.


Immerse yourself in nearly five decades of metal mayhem with Monopoly Iron Maiden, the ultimate game for die-hard fans of the iconic English metal band. Relive legendary performances, iconic tours, and the band’s rich history as you buy, sell, and trade your way to victory. Iron Maiden Monopoly replaces properties with legendary tours and venues, “houses” and “hotels” with arenas and stadiums, and traditional tokens with band-themed pieces like Steve Harris’ bass and Eddie’s helmet. Players use Eddie Bucks to buy, sell, and trade their way to victory.

What’s Included

Here are things that are included:

  • A game board adorned with tour stops spanning Maiden’s storied career
  • 6 collectible tokens: Eddie’s Flying Helmet, Steve Harris’s Bass, Nicko McBrain’s Drum Kit, Bruce Dickinson’s Lantern, an Iron Maiden Guitar Amp Stack, and a Union Jack
  • 28 title deed cards representing memorable tours
  • 32 arenas and 12 stadiums to build your metal empire
  • 16 “Feeling Lucky?” cards – trivia challenges for the true Maiden fan
  • 16 “Open the Box” cards – unexpected twists and turns on the road to victory
  • Eddie Bucks galore – the currency of this heavy metal realm
  • Dice and rulebook


  • Fan Service at its Finest: This game is a love letter to Iron Maiden’s legacy. Every element, from the board design to the card content, oozes with references and inside jokes that only true fans will appreciate. It’s a fantastic way to relive favorite concerts, albums, and moments in the band’s history.
  • Collectible Tokens: The six included tokens are not just generic game pieces; they’re miniature works of art. Each token represents an iconic element of the band, from Eddie’s Flying Helmet to Steve Harris’s bass guitar. These highly detailed pieces are a must-have for collectors and add a tactile element to the gameplay experience.
  • Engaging Gameplay: While the core mechanics of Monopoly remain intact, the thematic overlay breathes new life into the game. Buying, selling, and trading tour locations instead of properties adds a unique twist, and the “Feeling Lucky?” and “Open the Box” cards inject unexpected surprises and strategic choices.
  • Visual Appeal: The game board is a feast for the eyes, showcasing stunning artwork inspired by album covers, concert posters, and other iconic imagery. The attention to detail extends to the cards, money, and even the rulebook, creating a visually immersive experience.
  • Conversation Starter: This game is sure to spark conversations and debates among fans. Arguing over the value of different tours, reminiscing about legendary concerts, and testing each other’s Maiden knowledge adds another layer of social interaction and fun to the gameplay.
  • Perfect Gift: For the Iron Maiden fan who has everything, this unique Monopoly edition is a thoughtful and exciting gift. It’s a surefire way to make their metalhead heart sing.
  • Unique Theme: Fans appreciate the game’s thematic immersion, with everything from tokens to cards paying homage to Iron Maiden.
  • Quality Components: Despite some criticisms, many praise the overall quality of the game components.
  • Great Gift: Fans love receiving it as a gift, making it a perfect choice for birthdays or special occasions.


  • Small Tokens: Some players find the game tokens too small, making them difficult to see and handle during gameplay.
  • Standard House and Hotel Pieces: While the thematic renaming is appreciated, some fans wish for more unique game mechanics instead of the traditional Monopoly elements.
  • Price: A few users find the game to be on the pricier side compared to similar themed board games.
  • Quality Control: Complaints about damaged packaging and low-quality metal figures detract from the overall experience for some players.

Overall Review

Iron Maiden Monopoly is undoubtedly a treasure for dedicated fans, offering a captivating and unique way to celebrate the band’s legacy. The attention to detail, themed gameplay, and collectible tokens make it a worthy addition to any Maiden fan’s collection. However, minor quality concerns and a potentially high price point might deter casual players or those seeking a more polished board game experience.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the world of Iron Maiden, this game offers a chance to dive into the band’s rich history and “Run to the Hills” of financial domination. Just be prepared for a few minor speed bumps along the way.

By Maria Garcia

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