Relive the thrills and tension of the iconic dinosaur park with Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition! This exciting twist on the classic property-trading game throws you into a world where buying, selling, and securing dinosaur paddocks is the key to financial dominance – but with a prehistoric twist.

Jurassic Park Monopoly

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Step into the world of Jurassic Park, where the classic Monopoly experience gets a ferociously fun makeover filled with roars, fences, and the ever-present danger of a rampaging T. Rex.


Jurassic Park Monopoly Edition transforms the classic game with a dinosaur twist. Buy and develop dinosaur paddocks, but watch out for the rampaging T. Rex that can damage your properties. “Chaos” and “Evolution” cards add movie-inspired surprises, and the electronic gate plays the iconic Jurassic Park theme (or a fearsome roar!) when you pass GO. It’s a thrilling and nostalgic take on Monopoly, perfect for fans of the franchise.

What’s Included

Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition comes packed with everything you need to dive into the world of dinosaur-themed financial conquest:

  • Themed Gameboard: Explore a vibrant board showcasing iconic locations from the movie, such as the Visitor Center, Raptor Paddock, and even the treacherous T. Rex enclosure.
  • Collectible Tokens: Choose from six unique tokens inspired by the film, including the park jeep, Dr. Alan Grant’s hat, dinosaur DNA trapped in amber, and more.
  • 1 T. Rex Token: This menacing token brings a thrilling element of unpredictability as it roams the board, potentially wreaking havoc on your properties.
  • Electronic Jurassic Park Gate: This centerpiece of the game adds atmosphere as you pass GO. Hear the iconic theme song or a fearsome dinosaur roar – the sound determines how much money you collect!
  • 28 Title Deed Cards: Representing the various dinosaur paddocks and attractions, these cards are your ticket to building a Jurassic-sized financial empire.
  • 16 “Cold Storage” & 16 “Impact Tremor” Cards: These thematic replacements for the classic Chance and Community Chest cards add unexpected twists and turns inspired by the events of the movie.
  • 24 Cardboard Fences & 12 Visitor Centers: Build protective fences to secure your dinosaur paddocks and maximize your rent. Upgrade to visitor centers to rake in even more cash!
  • Custom Jurassic Park Money: Featuring park logos and dinosaur imagery, this themed currency enhances the immersion.
  • 2 Dice: Classic Monopoly dice to determine your moves around the board.
  • Rulebook: A comprehensive guide to help you navigate the thrilling world of Jurassic Park Monopoly.


  • Universally Loved Theme: Jurassic Park holds a special place in the hearts of many. This edition taps into that nostalgia, making it instantly appealing to fans of all ages who love dinosaurs, adventure, and the thrilling world of the movies.
  • Immersive Features: The electronic Jurassic Park gate is a major highlight. The anticipation of hearing the iconic theme song or a fearsome dinosaur roar when passing GO adds both excitement and strategic elements to the gameplay.
  • Kid-Friendly Fun: Reviewers clearly appreciate how the game provides a fun and engaging twist on classic Monopoly, making it accessible and exciting for younger players (8+).
  • Unique Mechanics: The T. Rex token, “Cold Storage” and “Impact Tremor” cards, and the fence/visitor center system introduce unique gameplay elements that offer fresh challenges and strategic choices.
  • Quality Components and Collectible Appeal: Fans and collectors seem to love the well-made pieces, detailed tokens, and overall high quality of the game’s components, adding to its enjoyment and replayability.


  • Reliance on Luck: While strategic decisions play a role, Jurassic Park Monopoly also incorporates a fair amount of luck. The T. Rex movement and the effects of “Chaos” and “Evolution” cards can significantly impact your gameplay, sometimes feeling beyond your control. This may be frustrating for players who prefer games with more strategic depth.
  • Potential for Longer Games: The introduction of the T. Rex mechanic and the potential for property damage can add extra turns as players scramble to repair their holdings. This can lead to games running slightly longer compared to the classic Monopoly experience, which might not be ideal for players with limited time.
  • Theme Might Not Appeal to Everyone: While the Jurassic Park theme is a major draw for fans, it might not resonate as strongly with everyone. Players who are indifferent to the franchise may find the theme less engaging, and the mechanics themselves might not offer enough innovation to stand out from classic Monopoly.

Overall Review

Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition is a must-have for any fan of the movies. It adds a great thematic twist to classic Monopoly gameplay, injecting both fun and a touch of exciting danger. While some elements may rely on luck, this board game offers a thrilling and nostalgic experience. If you’re looking for a dinosaur-sized dose of Monopoly fun, this edition is the perfect choice.

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