Designed with Overwatch fans in mind, this Collector’s Edition of the popular property trading board game is a must-have for anyone who loves the video game. 

Monopoly Gamer Overwatch

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Lead your team of Overwatch heroes to victory in a unique Monopoly twist.


Overwatch meets Monopoly in this legendary board game! Play as D.Va, Lúcio, Mercy, Reaper, Tracer, and Winston from the wildly popular video game Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. 

Pick a group leader and your team of three, then battle it out to attain the high score! You can move your player character around the board to capture objectives and open more loot boxes.

What’s Included

A standard set of Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition includes the following: 

  • Game board
  • 6 Character tokens
  • 6 Group leader cards
  • 21 Character cards
  • 16 Objective cards
  • 9 Loot Box cards
  • 4 Reminder cards
  • 1 Numbered die
  • 1 Ability die
  • 90 Plastic HP chips (50 fives and 40 ones)
  • Game guide

The Collector’s Edition comes in a premium box designed for die-hard fans of Overwatch.


Many players have complimented the exquisite design of the character tokens, which are all masterfully crafted and can be placed on a display shelf. The health point chips are also more durable since they are made of plastic, as compared to the paper or cardboard money pieces of other Monopoly editions. On the whole, the game box itself is well-designed and looks good among other Monopoly boxes in a collection. 

True to its Overwatch theme, the game also works similar to some aspects of Overwatch, in the sense that players can roll an Ability die for their characters which allows them to be a damage dealer, tank or healer. Players can then select one of three abilities on their cards to be used. Since your health points act as a currency, if your team drops to low health you will then have to sell some objectives to regain health chips. 

We find that this edition is more enjoyable than traditional Monopoly. The new gameplay does not drag on like some rounds of classic Monopoly can. Additionally, the new aspects to the game add more variety to each round, making it more interesting overall. Of course, you will probably enjoy the game the most if you are already familiar with the world of Overwatch.


Of course, since this board game bears the trademarks of both Monopoly and Overwatch, it is slightly pricier than normal Monopoly editions. At $49.99, the cost might be a deal-breaker for anyone who is just a casual fan since this box is a collector’s edition after all. However, a hardcore Overwatch fan will definitely appreciate the design of the game. 

If you are looking for a classic Monopoly game that is simply Overwatch-themed, this may also not be the game for you because the gameplay is quite different to classic Monopoly. For instance, there is no buying and trading of properties and no paper money is involved. You will instead have to assemble a team of characters and roll abilities for each of them. This change in rules can be difficult to grasp on your first few playthroughs and may ultimately not suit everyone’s preferences. 

We also noticed that although the player pieces are very detailed, some of them look delicate, with their feet barely touching their bases. If the player tokens are roughly handled, they may eventually break. As such, if you foresee that you will be playing the game with someone who may not be cautious while handling the pieces, you might want to be extra careful before opening the box and taking out all the tokens.

Overall Review

If you love everything about Overwatch, we are confident that you will love this game as well. As a collector’s item, it is definitely worth the price if you are looking to snag it for your Monopoly collection. Or if you are shopping for someone who is an Overwatch fan, this Monopoly game would be a safe bet. 

However, if you are not too interested in learning the rules of a new game, then it may be better to stick to original Monopoly or another edition that has rules identical to classic Monopoly. 

In conclusion, if you are a fan of Overwatch and do not mind stepping out of your comfort zone into a completely new game, you should definitely try out Monopoly Gamer Overwatch! This box also makes an excellent gift for any fan of Overwatch, so be sure to grab it while it is available.


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