Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking is perfect for kids aspiring to be grown-ups.

In this special spin-off from the classic Monopoly, kids get to enjoy a modern banking experience complete with an electronic banking unit and Monopoly game bank cards instead of traditional Monopoly paper money.

Simulate the experience of real-life banking in a format both fun and easy for kids to enjoy.

monopoly junior banking
monopoly junior banking cover

A Revolutional Take

While this game’s main unique aspect is the electronic banking system in place of paper game money, it also offers tons of appeal to kids.

Choose one of four favourite tokens – Little Hazel, Little Scottie, Toy Car and Toy Boat – and shepherd it around the board as you purchase the ice cream parlor, toy store, skate park and more!

Be your own banker and key in every transaction into the electronic banking unit, while wielding your own sleek bank card. Kids will have a blast of fun playing the part of banker, customer and placing “sold” signs on every property they buy.

With the increasing amount of card use and e-commerce in the real world these days, now’s as good a time as ever to start the little ones on their very own banking journey.

Who says teaching kids about money has to be dry and boring? The Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking edition brings the element of fun into the adult world of finance.

Just like classic Monopoly, whoever ends up with the most money wins the game!

What’s Included

This edition of the game is quite similar to Monopoly Junior, specifically targeting younger players ages 5 and up and accommodating a maximum of 4 players.

However, it’s not just the glaring new money system that makes the difference. Let’s have a look at what the Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking set includes:

  • Banking unit
  • 4 bank cards
  • 4 Junior tokens
  • 20 Chance cards
  • 48 sold signs
  • 4 Who’s Your Token Character cards
  1. 1 die

2x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries are required for the electronic banking unit. They are not included in the set.


Nothing can really go wrong with this easy-to-use banking system introduced to a game that kids can truly enjoy.

  1. It’s for all ages

The kid-friendly properties featuring well-known idyllic hangouts promise to hype up the excitement about owning your very own ice cream parlor. Or perhaps you can run the skate park, or the kids’ all-time favourite – the toy store.

It’s made for kids, and they’re sure to be able to appreciate it. In Monopoly Junior, there is no such thing as “too young to play”. What’s more, your little ones get a complete new experience with their flashy bank cards and electronic banking unit!

  • Comes at a great price

With the electronic system, one might expect the price of this Monopoly set to go slightly higher. However, that’s certainly not the case. In fact, this edition sells at $19.99 – the same price as classic Monopoly!

Entertain the kids for hours while you teach them about banking and finance in the most exciting way possible, all for $19.99.


This modern version of Monopoly may be all the craze with kids, but there could be a couple of drawbacks too.

  • Only up to 4 players

Unlike adult Monopoly which offers way more game tokens, kids’ Monopoly seems to allow only a smaller pool of players. If your kids are in a gathering of more than four, some of them may have to sit out or play the less exciting role of banker.

Although another solution would be to run two of these games at the same time.

  • Loses the “classic” feel

Those who have grown up playing a more classic version of Monopoly may find it difficult to get used to the whole electronic banking system. Somehow, physical paper money that you can hold a stack of might make one feel more “into” the whole immersion of Monopoly.

While we’re not yet sure whether the idea of electronic money in Monopoly will really pick up, it’s clear that the biggest feature of this edition could well end up being its biggest disadvantage for some people.

However, the cons aside, Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking still promises to provide a holistic new experience to the young.

Overall Review

So what’s the verdict on Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking?

We say yes, it’s definitely a steal.

There are many versions of Monopoly paper money around, but it’s not every day you see a Monopoly edition with an electronic banking system – much less one for kids.

This one-of-a-kind board game brings a modern touch to Monopoly for kids and promises a fun way to spend your time.

Have you been looking for a fun game to play with your children? One that could possibly even educate them? Look no further – Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking is for you.

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