Indiana Jones Edition brings the exciting adventures of the legendary Indiana Jones trilogy to family game nights. This Monopoly game features a unique Indy-themed twist on the classic board game formula we all know and love. Read on for an in-depth review of this product.

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In a few words

A globe-trotting Monopoly game themed around Indiana Jones’ thrilling expeditions to find precious artifacts while overcoming rivals, booby traps, and snakes.


Indiana Jones Edition is inspired by the original 3 Indiana Jones films. The gameboard and components feature artwork, icons, locations, and themes straight from the movies. Instead of buying property like in classic Monopoly, players travel to exotic locations from Indy’s adventures such as the Temple of Doom. The goal is to collect precious artifacts like the Golden Idol and Holy Grail while using their special powers to gain advantage. It’s filled with the fortune and glory, dangerous traps and chases that Indiana Jones is known for!

What’s Included

This Monopoly Indiana Jones Edition game comes packed with components to fully immerse you in the world of Indiana Jones. The set includes:

  • Gameboard: Features custom illustrated Indy locations like the Temple of Doom and Well of Souls.
  • 6 Pewter Tokens: Indy’s whip, bag, motorbike, Jock’s plane, and more.
  • 4 Golden Artifacts: Detailed tokens for the Golden Idol, Holy Grail, Headpiece, and Ark
  • 4 Artifact Power Cards: Describe the unique powers each artifact provides
  • 28 Title Deed Cards: Claim locations from the films like Marshall College and The River Delta
  • 16 Fortune & Glory Cards: Gain money and other benefits with Indy fortune phrases
  • 16 Fortune & Glory Cards: Gain money and other benefits with Indy fortune phrases
  • Custom Monopoly Money Pack
  • 32 plastic spiders and 12 plastic snakes for space upgrades
  • 2 engraved hieroglyph dice
  • Full color game guide with rules and setup


Immersive Indiana Jones theme & artwork throughout: Fans will love the custom illustrations depicting iconic scenes, characters, artifacts, etc. It feels just like the movies!

Unique twist on Monopoly rules: Trading regular properties for exotic Indy locations and artifacts with special powers adds fresh variety to the classic game flow. Keeps it exciting!

High quality game pieces: The thick, engraved gameboard, substantial metal tokens, embossed cards, and engraved dice scream premium quality. Made to last for countless adventures.

Captures Indy action and humor: Custom card text peppered with actual fortune and glory quotes from the trilogy keep the movie references flowing and funny.

Family friendly for all ages: Simple enough for kids 8+ to learn but entertaining for adults too. Players of every generation can find something to love about this game.


Lots of bits to keep track of: With 4 token types, card decks, artifact powers, etc, the table can get crowded fast. Having containers to organize components would be handy.

Longer gameplay than classic Monopoly: More rules and token actions make games last potentially hours. Some might find this too long.

Departs from classic Monopoly some may know already: Though most of the basics are the same, there are new elements like artifacts and their powers to learn. Not as straightforward to pickup and play as regular Monopoly.

Overall Review

Monopoly Indiana Jones Edition takes the famously fun, competitive gameplay of Monopoly and gives it an exciting Indiana Jones flavor that franchise fans will love. Chasing down artifacts like the Holy Grail while avoiding pitfalls like giant spiders and cobra snakes makes for a distinct and entertaining experience. Some familiarity with the Indy movies helps appreciate the references, but the adventurous spirit translates regardless. With high quality game pieces and cards bringing the films to life, this game is a definite treasure for the whole family fortune and glory await!

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