Calling all adventurers and Monopoly enthusiasts! The iconic board game gets a fantastical makeover in Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Game, inspired by the highly anticipated D&D movie. Prepare to journey across the Forgotten Realms, face off against iconic monsters, and collect treasures beyond your wildest dreams!

Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons

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In a few words

A D&D movie-themed Monopoly game where players collect gold, acquire locations, use magic items, and complete quests while facing iconic beasts and betrayal.


Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons crafts an exciting gaming experience featuring beloved elements from both franchises. The customized gameboard displays locations straight from the movie as 2-5 explorers navigate the Forgotten Realms, drawing Adventure Cards at each space that trigger events using an iconic d20 die. Will luck be on their side to secure the space, or will they lose gold to ravaging beasts? Fortune may favor the bold adventurer who gains the most gold from properties, quests, and Magic & Mystery Card surprises to defeat their rivals!

What’s Included

Transport your family game nights to the perilous realms of Dungeons & Dragons with this feature-packed movie-themed edition. The box contains:

  • An attractive gameboard depicting the Sword Coast and Underdark locales straight from the major D&D film.
  • 5 stunning plastic hero and villain tokens representing fan-favorites from the movie.
  • Detailed character ability cards matching each chosen token.
  • 16 illustrated Adventure Cards guiding dynamic encounters.
  • A legendary 20-sided die for battles, checks, and daring risks.
  • 30 Magic & Mystery Cards conjuring D&D weapons, scary monsters, and useful spells.
  • 9 customizable Dungeon Master Cards to modify gameplay challenges.
  • An envelope for secret Dungeon Master card handing.
  • Evocative cardboard gold coin “treasure”.
  • An instruction guide connecting gameplay to heroes’ movie quests.

With visuals and components direct from the Forgotten Realms film alongside iconic D&D items and theming for added adventure, this release contains everything 2-5 explorers need for dangerous quests and thrilling showdowns of both wits and luck!


  • Brings to life beloved characters, locales, magic items, and monsters directly from the major Dungeons & Dragons movie release.
  • Includes stunning tokens, visuals, and components capturing elements from 50 years of franchise history to delight fans.
  • Seamlessly integrates strategic resource management of Monopoly with exciting fantasy adventures of D&D for dynamic play.
  • Customizable “Dungeon Master” cards provide variability and challenges to enhance replayability.
  • Accessible gameplay alongside deep theme makes for fun family game nights with broad appeal.
  • Quest structure and narrative elements add engaging storytelling to match the rich D&D world.
  • Perfect gift for those excited about the new Honor Among Thieves film or existing fans of the extended franchise.
  • Classic strategic board gaming mechanics teach economic fundamentals.
  • Simple enough for new players while still tactical for veteran gamers.


  • Significant luck and chance elements from both games limit long-term strategic play.
  • Lengthy quests and especially cutthroat opponents can extend sessions past the advertised playtime.
  • May be too complex for younger children still learning basic math/literacy.
  • High degree of randomness could frustrate players seeking pure strategy.
  • Requires at least 2 participants, limiting solo play appeal.
  • Substantial setup and many components slow pace and increase clutter.
  • Movie-specific theming limits appeal for players unfamiliar with the D&D franchise.
  • Younger kids may struggle reading some small text on cards and components.

Overall Review

Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons adeptly blends strategic gameplay with fantasy adventure for dynamic family fun. With its immersive theme, unique twists, and replayable options, it offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages. Pick your hero token to amass gold and magic to defeat monstrous foes and complete perilous quests across an immersive, movie-inspired Forgotten Realms gameboard.

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