Monopoly Prizm NBA Edition is a board game that combines the classic game of Monopoly with the excitement of Panini NBA trading cards. Players collect cards, draft NBA players, and compete to earn points by acquiring NBA games and winning challenges. It’s a fun and engaging game for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up.

Monopoly Prizm NBA Edition

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In a few words

Monopoly Prizm NBA Edition game incorporates popular Panini NBA trading cards into traditional Monopoly game play, allowing you to draft a team, make trades, compete in contests, and earn points with special player stat card reveals.


Monopoly Prizm NBA Edition is a fast-paced game that takes about 60 minutes to play. Instead of buying real estate, you’ll draft an all-star lineup using 16 exclusive Panini trading cards that come with the game. Cards feature top players like Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic and Ja Morant that you can trade just like old-school sports cards. Game play involves collecting control of NBA games on the board and triggering fun player stat comparisons on your cards to rack up points and compete for the win. It mashes up strategic board gaming with collectible card trading for basketball fans 8 and up.

What’s Included

The game includes a gameboard, cards, dice, tokens, and game pieces. The cards include player cards, property cards, and challenge cards.

  • Gameboard: Traditional Monopoly board with NBA team matchups instead of properties.
  • 4 Plastic Basketball Tokens: Use the basketball pawns as your game piece.
  • 16 Panini NBA Trading Cards: One 8-card starter pack plus two 4-card (Total 8 Cards) Prizm packs.
  • 16 NBA Game Cards: Take control of NBA games to collect points.
  • 8 All-Star Contest Cards: Compete in skills challenges like 3-point shootout.
  • 12 Playmaker Cards: Trigger player vs player stat comparisons.
  • 1 Die: Used to move around the game board.
  • 1 Cardboard Jump Ball: Indicates first possession.
  • 90 Cardboard Point Chips: Track points earned during game.
  • Game Guide: Contains instructions for setup and play.


  • Fun and engaging game that combines Monopoly with NBA trading cards
  • Fast-paced gameplay that keeps players engaged
  • Easy to learn and play, but with enough depth to keep things interesting
  • Great for basketball fans of all ages
  • Fun twist on classic Monopoly game play
  • Includes rare Panini NBA Prizm trading cards
  • Allows drafting and trading of star NBA players
  • Compete in slam dunk/3-point contests
  • Card backs reveal player ratings and stats
  • Family fun for basketball fans ages 8+
  • Good replay value


  • Can be a bit luck-based, especially when drafting players
  • Some players may find the challenge cards to be too difficult
  • Not as replayable as some other board games

Overall Review

Monopoly Prizm NBA Edition delivers a fresh take on the legendary Monopoly board game by seamlessly integrating the thrill of Panini basketball trading cards. Hoops fans will love drafting players, making trades and revealing special player stats in this fast-paced battle for board game supremacy. It amps up the entertainment for older kids and collectors with a focus on NBA all-star players and team matchups. Just be prepared for your game night to go into overtime with this intensely fun mashup!

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