If you are looking for a quick fix, the Monopoly Speed Board Game may be perfect for you. This version of Monopoly promises that one game will last no more than 10 minutes! 

Those who are used to traditional Monopoly games may find this a huge contrast from the usual games, which typically last for at least half an hour to an hour. Well, how does Monopoly Speed achieve this feat?

Monopoly Speed

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In a few words

Short on time? Play the world’s fastest Monopoly game which can be completed in less than 10 minutes! 


One of the major differences between Monopoly Speed and other versions of Monopoly is that Speed is not turn-based. Every player has a token and a matching die, allowing them to roll and buy at the same time as everyone else. This definitely cuts down on a lot of waiting time as you do not have to wait for your opponents to make a move. 

Instead, Monopoly Speed is played in 4 rounds against a timer. Players have to finish their buying and trading before the time runs out. To help them make moves faster, there are 2 Go spaces on the board and players can get out of Jail free every time.

What’s Included

A standard set of the Monopoly Speed Board Game includes the following: 

  • 1 game board
  • 4 player tokens
  • 4 matching die
  • Property deed cards
  • Chance and Community Chest cards
  • Single-denomination money ($1000)


One of the most obvious advantages of Monopoly Speed is of course its unique selling point – the ability to complete a whole game in just 10 minutes. If you have ever wanted to play Monopoly but did not have the time for a full game, Monopoly Speed may be a great alternative as it stays true to the original Monopoly feel. 

Monopoly Speed is also a great family game as it can be played by younger children as well. It can be perfect for situations where children would like to join in on the fun in a game of Monopoly, but do not have a long enough attention span to concentrate on a classic game. 

Additionally, Monopoly Speed is available at the very affordable price of $14.99 on Amazon. This is one of the lowest prices you can get a Monopoly game for, even for junior Monopoly sets. In terms of price value, you may not get much extra out of a Monopoly Speed set as it is specially designed to be minimalistic. However, for its compactness, the price tag is definitely quite reasonable.


Squeezing an entire hour-long game into 10 minutes is no easy feat. Monopoly Speed has had to cut down on a lot of the original Monopoly gameplay to achieve this. For instance, there are fewer properties for sale and only a single denomination of money. 

Some people may feel that the game is too fast paced for their liking. In Monopoly Speed, players race against the timer to buy and sell as much as they can. However, the pressure of speed may not be suitable for all, taking the fun away from the game for some. Those who like to take their time carefully contemplating their buying choices may not see much fun in Monopoly Speed, where the entire game is rushed. 

Others also think that the rules of Monopoly Speed are difficult to grasp. As it can be quite different from the usual Monopoly everyone is used to, it may take some starter rounds for everyone to understand how to play Monopoly Speed.

Overall Review

On the whole, Monopoly Speed certainly has its plus sides, but it also has disadvantages. Designed to be a battle of mere minutes, Monopoly Speed can be a great thriller game but probably not a very good strategic one. 

For those preferring more conventional, longer forms of Monopoly, you may want to check out other Monopoly editions instead. However, if you are willing to try a different spin on classic Monopoly, Monopoly Speed gives you many more rounds of fun in exchange for fewer features. 

Even if you feel that a fast-paced game may not be your thing, the affordability of Monopoly Speed coupled with its cool design can still be a good reason to include it in your Monopoly collection. 

Regardless of who you play with, get ready for an action-packed match with Monopoly Speed, where every second counts!


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