Play as your favorite Super Mario character and utilize their own special power. You can be Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong!

In Super Mario Monopoly, it’s not just about having the most money – earn points by buying properties, collecting coins, and defeating bosses. Beat Bowser at the end to finish the game! Whoever finishes with the highest points wins.

Fight through legendary bosses to surpass your fellow players! If you’re a Super Mario video game fanatic, you definitely need to try this Super Mario edition of Monopoly.

Monopoly Super Mario

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In a few words

What’s better than Monopoly or a Super Mario video game? The Super Mario Monopoly Game!


Meet Super Mario Monopoly, the Monopoly edition with a twist.

Explore the Super Mario world on your favorite character while you level up and defeat the bosses of legend!

Top it all off with the ultimate showdown against Bowser as the game’s finale.

The property trading aspect of Monopoly takes a back seat in Super Mario Monopoly where your character gains points from trading the properties, which can then be used to up your score and surpass your rivals.

Choose a character with the special ability you like. The variety ensures you will never get bored while you battle it out trying different abilities and combinations.

Play as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong, each with a unique ability, and best the foes of Super Mario in combat.

Collect coins just like in the video game and spend them on upgrades and properties.

Have we mentioned that the entire board game is Super Mario-themed? Don’t let the special combat aspect overshadow this.

Any video game casual will enjoy the immersion of venturing across the Super Mario world and purchasing themed properties, as well as picking up themed Chance cards.

If you’re a Super Mario fan, you’re sure to love this legendary spin on the game.

What’s Included

In Super Mario Monopoly, coins replace the usual Monopoly money. Earn coins just like in the video game!

Each set of Super Mario Monopoly includes the following:

  • 4 Nintendo Character tokens (Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong)
  • 4 Character cards
  • 4 Reminder cards
  • 8 Boss cards
  • 16 Title Deed cards
  • 1 Numbered die
  • 1 Power-up die
  • 90 coins


Super Mario Monopoly sounds pretty exciting itself – it’s more than just classic Monopoly.

1. A new playstyle inspired by Super Mario

In Super Mario Monopoly, you don’t just win by gathering the most coins. It’s time to put your Super Mario knowledge to use and battle it out against legendary bosses to win!

Each character has their own special ability which definitely keeps it interesting on subsequent playthroughs. You’ll want to try and see what each character can do!

In addition, you don’t have two standard dies in this game. Move your character with the numbered die and roll a special skill with the power-up die!

2. Good price

Even with all the bells and whistles, Super Mario Monopoly is only $24.99 on the Hasbro website.

It’s an excellent deal for the Super Mario franchise coupled with Monopoly.

Compared to $19.99 for classic Monopoly, Super Mario Monopoly is not all that bad in terms of price considering the many other features you get. It could make for the perfect gift.


Super Mario Monopoly may be an exciting game to get into, but a good game is not without its drawbacks. Here are a couple of disadvantages we’ve identified.

1. Only allows 2-4 players

For your typical adult Monopoly game, a maximum of 4 players may be somewhat of an inconvenience.

Most other editions of Monopoly allow for more players. This could be a problem if you are planning to play with a big group of people.

However, if you have 2-4 players, Super Mario Monopoly can be just as fun as any other edition of Monopoly. After all, too many players can be a crowd.

Considering the different playstyle of Super Mario Monopoly, we think 2-4 players are just nice to really enjoy this edition of the game.

2. Can be confusing

With all its differences from classic Monopoly, Super Mario Monopoly may be difficult for some players to get into if they’re very used to classic Monopoly.

For example, players may find it difficult to understand the concept of boss fights in a game of Monopoly if they are used to just having the player with the most money win.

Super Mario Monopoly does come with a game guide for a reason, and while the different playstyle may not be suited to some people’s tastes, it’s generally easy enough for anyone to understand and play along with.

Overall Review

Is Super Mario Monopoly worth it?

We say yes, it is!

For a breath of fresh air from the classic Monopoly rules, consider Super Mario Monopoly to add a whole new angle to the game.

Super Mario Monopoly can also make for a great gift to that video game addict friend or family member. Get them to put that device down for a few hours of fun with the company, all while still playing with the characters they love!

At an affordable price, Super Mario Monopoly would be the perfect addition to your Monopoly collection.

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