Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good Monopoly battle? The thrill of buying properties, the agony of another player landing on your prized real estate… it’s the stuff family game night dreams (or nightmares!) are made of. But if you’re craving a twist on the classic, this Monopoly Transformers Beast Wars Edition might be just the ticket, especially if you’re a fan of those robots in disguise!

Monopoly Transformers Beast Wars Edition

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In a few words

Prepare for an epic clash between Maximals and Predacons as you race to conquer iconic locations from Transformers lore and hoard Energon in this unique take on the legendary Monopoly game.


Forget Boardwalk and Park Place because this time, it’s all about conquering places like the Bio-Dome and the Ark! Designed for Transformers enthusiasts, this version retains the heart of Monopoly gameplay while infusing it with all that Beast Wars goodness. Players choose their favorite character token (and get to switch between robot and alt modes throughout the game – how cool is that?) and then battle for Energon supremacy. This special edition brings a wave of 90s nostalgia and will undoubtedly appeal to both die-hard fans and those looking for a new spin on a beloved classic.

What’s Included

The game includes a gameboard, cards, dice, tokens, and game pieces. The cards include player cards, property cards, and challenge cards.

  • Vibrant game board with an artistic overhead view of the Beast Wars planet and iconic locations like the Bio-Dome, The Ark, and Floating Mountain.
  • 14 highly detailed character tokens of Maximals and Predacons like Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, Rhinox, Dinobot, Waspinator, Terrorsaur, and Megatron in both robot and beast modes.
  • 7 character cards with bios and beast modes for main characters.
  • 6 helpful reference cards for key rules and gameplay.
  • Golden Disk token and card allowing players to gain special abilities – but watch out, it can be stolen!
  • 20 Title Deed cards for purchasing vital properties like the Predacon Base, Matrix Temple, and Cybertron Archives.
  • 16 opportunity and consequence Maximal cards introducing interactive elements.
  • 16 opportunity and consequence Predacon cards introducing interactive elements.
  • 16 Stasis Pod tokens that act like hotels for properties.
  • Classic six-sided Monopoly dice for movement.
  • 100 plastic Energon currency pieces like cubes and crystals.
  • Detailed game guide with Beast Wars backstory and instructions.

The high-quality sculpted tokens, vibrant gameboard artwork, and Transformers details immerse you in the Beast Wars world.


  • Interactive Maximal and Predacon cards add layered gameplay beyond classic Monopoly Chance and Community Chest cards.
  • Customers rave about the wave of happy memories Beast Wars brings back.
  • High praise for the intricate character tokens and vibrant board design.
  • Golden Disk token adds delightful chaos, rules-breaking, and player sabotage.
  • Vibrant gameboard artwork transports you back to the beloved 90s Beast Wars show.
  • Inspires love of the epic Maximals vs Predacons storyline across generations.


  • Dense backstory is confusing if unfamiliar with Beast Wars Transformers history.
  • More skill complexity than Monopoly with extra Energon and card mechanics.
  • Higher price point than the classic Monopoly.

Overall Review

The consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive! Many families have fallen in love with this take on Monopoly, calling it vibrant, detailed, and incredibly fun. The unique Beast Wars spin seems to appeal to nostalgic adults and Transformers newbies alike. If you love competitive property-buying antics and those awesome transforming robots, Monopoly Transformers Beast Wars Edition is a strong contender for your next family game night showdown.

By Maria Garcia

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