SORRY GRAB and GO is a compact and travel-friendly version of the beloved Sorry! board game, offering the same hilarious, pawn-bumping action in a smaller package. Ideal for road trips, sleepovers, or simply playing a quick game at home, this version brings the classic experience with you wherever you go.

sorry grab and go game

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In a few words

SORRY GRAB and GO is a portable version of the classic Sorry! board game, where players race their pawns around the board while trying to bump others back to the start.


Just like the original Sorry!, the goal of SORRY GRAB and GO is to be the first player to get all four of your colored pawns from “Start” to “Home.” You’ll use cards to move your pawns, slide along special spaces, and gleefully bump other players’ pawns to send them back where they came from. The unpredictable draw of the cards and the strategic bumping opportunities create an exciting and laughter-filled experience with every game.

What’s Included

The sorry grab and go game includes the following things in it:

  • Self-contained plastic storage case: This doubles as the gameboard itself, ensuring all your pieces stay together and making the game incredibly portable.
  • 16 colorful pawns: You’ll get 4 pawns in each of four classic colors.
  • 45 cards with instructions: These cards determine your moves and feature the actions that make Sorry! so unpredictable and fun.
  • Gameboard sticker: Apply this to the inside of the storage case to create the playing surface.
  • Instructions: A guide to help you learn the rules quickly, especially if you’re new to Sorry!


  • Exceptional Portability: The all-in-one storage case and compact gameboard make it incredibly easy to take and play anywhere.
  • Familiar Gameplay: If you love classic Sorry!, you’ll immediately feel at home and enjoy the nostalgic gameplay.
  • Fast and Fun: Games are typically quick, making it a great choice for short bursts of play or when you need a quick dose of entertainment.
  • Affordable: This travel-sized version offers a budget-friendly way to enjoy Sorry!.
  • Easy Storage: The case keeps all the pieces neatly contained, making it easy to store and reducing the chances of losing components.


  • Simplified Gameboard: The smaller board design can feel a bit more cramped than the full-sized version, especially with four players
  • Fewer Cards: The card deck has a slightly reduced variety of moves compared to the full-sized game.
  • Sticker Application: Applying the gameboard sticker can be a bit fiddly, requiring careful placement.

Overall Review

SORRY GRAB & GO is a great way to take the beloved Sorry! experience with you. While it does simplify the game slightly with fewer cards and a smaller board, the core fun of racing, sliding, and bumping remains completely intact. If you’re looking for a portable way to play the classic game or a fun travel activity for kids, SORRY GRAB & GO delivers a fantastic dose of nostalgic fun.

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