The thing is that it’s truly a DIY game – everything within the set is customizable, with the exception of the four corners of the board, the colors of the sets, and the size of the board.

make your own opoly game


In a few words

Make Your Own Opoly is a board game similar to Monopoly, created by TDC Games.


Contrary to popular belief, Make Your Own Opoly is different from a customizable Monopoly game. It’s not a trademark Monopoly edition, and it allows for much more personalization where you can control the game and even make your own rules.

Make Your Own Opoly comes with computer software that can be used to customize the game. Your designs can then be printed out using any simple black-and-white printer onto the provided templates in the set.

Even if you don’t want to use the software, you can always still hand-draw your designs onto the set and customize it as much as you like.

Define Your Own Rules

In Make Your Own Opoly, the player has full customization of the board, including the rules, money, and property names.

Find easy pre-printed paper templates for coming up with your legendary board game concept.

What’s Included

Make Your Own Opoly comes simple:

  • 1 Game board
  • Pre-printed paper
  • Software for customizing the game

As pretty much everything can be customized, there isn’t even a rules booklet. It’s all up to how you personally want to play – the sky is the limit!


In such a personalized game that really can be tailored to your liking, there’s much to love about Make Your Own Opoly.

Choose how you want to customize it

For one, it’s flexible, giving you the option of drumming up a professional digital design via software or simply drawing your designs by hand.

The pre-printed paper makes it easy whichever way you choose. Print out your masterpiece from a computer design, or get to work and doodle to your heart’s content.

Everything is included in the box

The Make Your Own Opoly set promises to be all-inclusive. You don’t need any additional materials to make your own board game! Well, with the exception of a printer or drawing materials, which are not included in the set.

The pre-printed templates contain every mechanic you’d want in a typical board game. Blank play money, Chance cards, and property slots are all there, just waiting to be printed or drawn.

As far as game assets go, you don’t need to procure anything from anywhere else – it’s all in the box, including the software to design the game!

Since this edition of Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart comes with only four characters, it may be limited in variety. Each character has their own special skill, so over time, the four options may be exhausted. The game does offer separate Mario Kart Power Packs featuring the additional characters Bowser, Shy Guy, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, and Metal Mario, each with their own unique abilities, but this comes at an additional cost and is subject to availability. If you are looking to purchase just one game set and enjoy plenty of replayability, this may be one disadvantage to consider. 

Also, the rules may be rather ambiguous in some situations. For instance, the guide does not explicitly state if you are allowed to roll the Power-Up die while in jail, or if you can bypass bananas on the board if your character has been powered up by Super Star – as it is in the video game. To get around this, it may be necessary to establish some house rules with the rest of your players. 

One other disadvantage is that the coin chips are not made of plastic, but cardboard. They must be peeled off a cardboard card prior to playing the game, and the edges can be easily torn off if you are not careful while removing them. The character tokens are plastic, but we think that the currency being in cardboard detracts from the value of the game. 

Overall Review

However, Make Your Own Opoly comes at a hefty price. At $55 excluding shipping, someone who is just looking for a custom-made Monopoly-style game may not be enticed by such a price tag.

Considering Make Your Own Opoly uses standard templates and simply provides the bare-bones version of a Monopoly game, it may be quite expensive if you’re just interested in enjoying a good themed Monopoly with the classic rules.

You’re partly paying for the software, no doubt – but if you intend to customize the board game by hand and without the aid of the software, you may be forking out an additional sum for a feature you may not use.

It’s always much cheaper to find Monopoly templates online and print those out.

However, if you aren’t an experienced board game designer but still want to produce quality professional work, Make Your Own Opoly is for you.

We’d say Make Your Own Opoly offers a unique new perspective when it comes to designing your own board game from scratch.

You may be looking to deviate from the classic Monopoly rules and setup but Make Your Own Opoly does it in a seamless way that eases even the newest beginner into making your very own property trading game.

Although there is quite a price tag on this set, for people who want a convenient way to design a Monopoly-style board game even with software to aid in the customization, Make Your Own Opoly would be perfect.

The easy-to-follow instructions guide players to create their own one-of-a-kind board game, the best you’ve ever had because you made it yourself. 

If you’re the type that loves to engage in DIY crafts or know someone who does, this version of the popular property trading game is definitely a steal.

By Eduardo Flores

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