My Monopoly Game is a fun new take on Monopoly.

Personalize your own property spaces, game tokens, Community Chest and Chance cards to use in your own version of the popular game!

My Monopoly Game allows you to customize all the game items you can use in Monopoly, making for a truly fun and unique experience.

Even if you don’t want to personalize certain pieces of your Monopoly set, you can still play the game with the classic game property spaces printed on the board.

My Monopoly Game is just like the original Monopoly – buy properties, earn rent, collect a salary for passing Go, and possibly end up in jail!

My monopoly
My monopoly board game – cover

Customize Your Very Own Monopoly

Have you sifted through all the Monopoly editions and had trouble finding one to your liking?

Or perhaps you have been hoping for a particular edition to be released. Why sit around and wait for someone else to come up with an idea you’ve had?

Do you want to surprise your family and friends with a Monopoly game modelled after memorable times together? Maybe you have some inside jokes of laughable moments or just love that silly picture you and your friends took at a party.

Well, My Monopoly Game now makes it possible to have your very own themed Monopoly!

Sign up on the Monopoly website to set up your account and start customizing your game. Choose the photos you like from your computer, smart device, or popular social media platforms such as Facebook and get decorating.

Add captions to the moments you love and turn them into property spaces, game tokens, Community Chest or Chance cards!

The Monopoly website allows you to customize each game asset, which you can then print out on the included sticker sheets. Paste them on the property spaces, tokens, Chance and Community Chest cards to create your unique edition of Monopoly.

What’s more, this game of My Monopoly never remains the same. Move your personalized tiles around to rearrange your gameboard every time you play. Monopoly is more than a classic title, it’s your very own game.

What’s Included

My Monopoly Game is just like classic Monopoly – the objective being to have the most money at the end of the game.

However, due to its highly customizable options, My Monopoly Game includes some extras:

  • 4 tokens
  • 30 blank tiles
  • 28 title deed cards
  1. 16 Chance cards
  1. 16 Community Chest cards
  • 32 green houses
  1. 12 red hotels
  • 2 dice
  • Money pack

The design for the stickers can be customized on the Monopoly website, and then printed out onto the sheets. The printer is not included in the set.


  • Unleash your imagination

With virtually everything you can use to customize your Monopoly game the way you like it, there’s no holding you back.

Make a themed game of your own fancy, or design it according to memories you and your loved ones share.

Put that time your car ran out of gas into a Chance card where you’ll need to pay the bank. Or find that picture of your first bungee jump and put it on a card that will earn you a fortune!

  • You don’t need to customize everything

Not a fan of personalizing every single aspect of the game? Or just want to play right away? Don’t fret, you can play My Monopoly Game right out of the box.

Without all the bells and whistles, it’s just classic Monopoly, complete with the default property spaces.

If you’re ever feeling like going back to the good old classic Monopoly, simply play My Monopoly Game as it is. Customize only as much as you want and let classic Monopoly take care of the rest.


With all its flexibility, My Monopoly Game hardly has a disadvantage. However, there may be one possible problem.

  • Fixed style of play

If you’re a fan of different Monopoly editions with a different playstyle, you may find My Monopoly Game slightly lacking.

While it’s highly customizable in terms of property spaces, tokens and cards, My Monopoly Game is to be played just like classic Monopoly, without any additional game mechanics.

Despite this fact, My Monopoly Game still promises a fun-filled experience unique to every individual session especially if you like classic Monopoly.

Overall Review

We think My Monopoly Game offers a fun, creative alternative to just classic Monopoly.

No other Monopoly game will ever be the same when you can just come up with your own theme instead of going with a pre-made one.

Although My Monopoly Game may not offer many different playstyles, it’s still a fun treasure that means the most to you and the loved ones you share your memories with. In effect, a fully customized My Monopoly Game set would be priceless!

My Monopoly Game makes personalization easy with just a simple online registration on Hasbro’s website. Don’t worry if you’re not technology savvy – anyone can customize the board game.

It’s as simple as pasting the stickers onto the supplied cards. Have fun doing it together with your loved ones!

We say this unique rendition of My Monopoly Game is worth a try. It could even make the perfect gift for that someone special.

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